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five big reasons to choose us

Good faith, win - win base, hand in hand

  • Our outdoor thermal imaging has the world's leading technology and high quality materials.

    Our products using the French original detector with 17um process, it has smaller power consumption and stronger performance. It use the non-blocking refresh technology to make the picture of monitor more smooth and no pause. So far, 54SL is the smallest thermal imaging with integrated distance measurement on the market.It has the overall laser rangefinder, small size and light weight. Our PARD team designed from the practicality of the products. Thermal imaging, night vision riflescopes, night vision scopes and other products are both have high sensitivity, high refresh rate and high characteristics. The seismic performance is good and the picture is smooth and delicate.

  • We have excellent R&D team and have many national patent.

    We have a group of R & D teams engaged in thermal imaging with many years of experience. They develop a thermal imaging product that meets the consumer market by using the thermal imaging user requirements as a guide. Many of the national patent technology of PARD makes our products have the core competitiveness.

  • A good reputation in the industry to create a brand of thermal imaging.

    PARD relies on its strong technical ability, professional design level and exquisite manufacturing technology to effectively guarantee product qualification rate, make the product process excellent and superior performance. Our products won the praise from both domestic and foreign customers.

  • Strict control management system.

    The quality control and control system is perfect. It has 20 enterprise control management processes, and each procedure is standardized.Have a professional test instrument, every new product is qualified after a strict test.

  • Perfect customer service system and excellent after-sales service.

    PARD has a professional 1 to 1 customer service center, our company will solve all your concerns about thermal imaging, night vision riflescopes, night vision scopes and other products. Nanny attentive service, Four-year warranty. Do not worry about after sales. We can provide product upgrades.


Custom process

Professional design level, exquisite manufacturing process


Shenzhen Pard Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, sales and service of  thermal imagers, monitoring systems and weak systems for...

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Corporate mission: To develop a new horizon of infrared
Corporate vision: To provide the most cost-effective civilian optoelectronic products for customers.

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Companies to product cost-effective and user experience as a starting point in the field of thermal imaging has a number of national patents.


The advantages of thermal imaging
The advantages of thermal imaging

The best advantage of the thermal imaging but also the greatest advantage of other products, is the most rapid response time. It has the fastest, the

Classification of the main performance indexes of thermal imaging
Classification of the main performance indexes of thermal imaging

1. resolution The resolution is the most important indicator of the thermal imaging.The resolution of the general thermal imagings have three kinds of

Introduction of thermal imaging
Introduction of thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is the non-contact detection of infrared energy (heat), and convert it to an electrical signal, and then generates thermal images and


What are the key points of the infrared thermal imaging?

The infrared thermal imaging was initially applied to the military. With the development of more high-tech thermal image technology, the application f

What are the advantages of thermal imaging in different environments?

The thermal imaging is a new technology transferred from the tank night vision instrument. In recent years, car night vision technology has made great

Attention in thermal imaging examination

The principle of infrared thermal imaging is not so mysterious. The physical principle is to explain that the human body is a natural source of infrar