Visual designer

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the company Taobao, Tmall, Amazon E-commerce platform sales product image shooting and post-image processing, good at refining product images, skilled operation rendering skills.
2, familiar with the product composition, lighting, keen visual and fashion sense, have strong creative ability, can handle a variety of styles and shooting themes; for consumer electronics products commonly used materials, lighting, shadows, scene processing is unique The insights have a certain understanding of the process from physical to model, rendering, and later.
3. Combine product characteristics to produce description templates with beautiful pictures and aesthetics, which can attract attention, fully display product image and characteristics, and optimize product images with the optimization opinions of copywriters;
4, for product photos and color matching has a unique insight and experience, can have their own independent thinking, to play their own strengths and potential, to show the product's most attractive side.
5. Depending on the operation plan and promotion focus of the store, assist the operation to optimize the image information of existing products, improve the user experience of customers entering the store, enhance the desire of customers to purchase, and improve the product conversion rate;
employee benefits:

International sales

1. Proficiency in the use of foreign trade e-commerce platform (Alibaba International Station, Global Sources), manage sub-accounts, and release product-related information;
2. Responsible for the maintenance and follow-up of the exhibition customers, improve the exhibition turnover rate, collect the competitors
3. Responsible for the development, management and maintenance of customers, responsible for developing and maintaining overseas markets, seeking current and future business development opportunities, and striving to develop new customer resources;
4. Confirmation of customer order delivery and handling of abnormal conditions to ensure delivery according to customer requirements;
5, according to customer needs, adjust business priorities, and strive to improve business quality.
6. Reports on related business work and other matters that the higher authorities confess.
job requirements 
1. College degree or above, major in international trade, English or sales related;
2. More than 1 year working experience in related fields of foreign trade business, skilled operation of Alibaba International Station;
3. Familiar with foreign trade and order management processes, with solid basic knowledge in relevant fields;
4. Have good English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating skills, strong business sense and negotiation skills, strong development and communication skills;
5, work positive and enthusiastic, work patiently, careful, responsible, love foreign trade, dare to challenge themselves, challenge high salary, hard work, diligence and pragmatism, proactive, have a good team spirit

Cross-border e-commerce operations
Job Responsibilities:
1. Edit product information and optimize product information;
2. Maintain and manage the optimization of the Listing page, product information and images, and regularly update the company's products;
3. Respond to customer emails, handle pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales issues, improve customer satisfaction and account store ratings, and maintain a good account.
4. Use various marketing methods, internal and external drainage, increase exposure, effectively promote products and increase sales.
5. Product market research, analysis and forecast of foreign market demand, development of sales plans and indicators, and completion of sales targets.
6, regular statistics, analysis of sales data, inventory data, etc., timely adjust sales strategies, develop FBA delivery plans, maintain a good inventory turnover rate and inventory safety
job requirements:
1. College degree or above;
2. Have relevant foreign trade experience, be familiar with e-commerce platform rules, and be able to manage accounts independently;
3. Love the e-commerce industry with great interest and enthusiasm;
4. Work seriously and responsibly, with careful and good teamwork spirit;
5. Accept new graduates, welcome those who are interested to join 
Meal subsidies, housing subsidies, education allowance, attendance bonus, bonus, 2 travel + one free physical examination, in deep house staff to buy a car also provides partial subsidy and interest-free loans.
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